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You got the job offer or you have been employed for some time now in both instances you still need the knowhow to navigate the crowded workspace and be noticed. The top executives in most corporations and organizations reach that level through a combination of techniques and tactics you can learn too to bee successful in the workplace. I like the quote from Zig Ziglar that “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs”. We elaborate 21 key building blocks to arrive at the top career successful and be a better version of yourself.

1. Set goals

The first step to career success is goal setting and goal setting never ends and should be a trait you keep. In order to succeed in the workplace the successful employee or the one that has a bright future sets goals and plans and works toward it for years and pays all the price there is to achieve success. Having a goal is a success guiding mechanism and with that in place you will continually strive to be better and achieve more.

2. Volunteer for major task

Furthermore, to reach the top of the career you should be one that is forceful and be noted for taking on extra responsibilities voluntarily. It is a great tip to volunteer for tasks in order to be relevant in your organization. Beyond volunteering for tasks make sure you do it well. The act of volunteering makes you visible in the organization and readies you to take up other responsibilities when the opportunity arises.

3. Know your bosses

Another important trait is to be known by your bosses and decision makers in your organization. I am not suggesting bootlicking and backbiting but placing yourself as competent and reliable in your organization. You should not be obscure and only known by name, make sure you engage your bosses constructively on new ideas, efficiency and productive forward moving ideas. Present yourself as competent and willing to learn. It is one way to really get to the top fast.

4. Continuous Skills audit

The employees who get to the top have a habit of evaluating their skills set and their relevancy to the current situation in the organization. A skills audit is relevant to update your career plan and to take steps to acquire new skills that will increase your chances of getting ahead.

5. Building new skills

Further to skills audit, the successful employee acts on acquiring new skills. The skills set that brought you in an organization will not sustain you until you acquire new and superior skills. To succeed you need to take up new courses either online or in training institutes to understand new concepts, theories, methodologies, approaches and processes. Joining professional groupings and being active in them is a smart thing you can do. You can join online groupings like in Linkedin or join local chapters of groups in your city or town.

6. Working extra hours

To succeed in the workplace, you will need to work hard and put in extra work if needs be. Do not be the type that will refuse to work any extra when it arises. Embrace extra work and make sure you execute well. Note that there are no shortcuts to success, and you must work hard and be productive to move up. You will always need to put in the work if you want to see success and you will if you do.

7. Speaking up at meetings

Make it a point to speak up at meetings and make sure you are heard. Contributing to meetings is a visibility mechanism to get noticed and move ahead in your organization. When in meetings make sure your voice is heard and that you speak up and contribute positively to discussions. Make it a point to open up and speak up. It is one trait that you should make sure you use. One caveat though, don’t speak unintelligently, your contributions should be cogent, strong and filled with wisdom and knowledge.

8. Dress well

Your grooming and dressing can make you noticed or be scorned in an organization. Dress well and carry yourself with dignity and respect. Let your dressing be serious and formal commanding respect and attention. A dressing that the organization will be proud to have you represent them.

9. Have allies and build alliances

Relationship building is a key trait if you are to be successful in the workplace and in fact any area of your life. In your organization make sure you build key relations and have allies in key sectors of the organization. An ally is gained when you support them in and out of the organization and soon reciprocity will arise to benefit you in unexpected ways. For instance, you can have allies in departments, units, management and the board. One ally can save you beacon, I have seen it work for me.

10. Over performance

Most organizations have a performance measurement system to track employee performance against work plans and personal development. Put your performance matrices before your mind’s eye and take action to exceed them. Your performance is documented and will be used as a basis to promote you to the next level.

11. Effective time management

For you to succeed in the workplace you will have to be an effective time manager. You should be one that arrives early and is concentrated on your work. Put away the destructions on social media, news media and aimless drifting. Make sure to achieve more with the time you have, and you will be noticed as a competent and worthy employee.

12. Thinking like a manager not an employee

To succeed in the workplace, you must take responsibility and have a certain degree of independence and autonomy to get things done even when no one is looking. The manager mentality is about initiative and self-starting and looking out for other employees and galvanizing the team. The manager mentality will move you ten times faster on the career ladder.

13. Communicate effectively their accomplishments

To move up the career ladder you should be able to articulate your accomplishments and speak to them in clear terms. Being able to articulate your accomplishments will help you sail through promotion interviews and tests. Additionally, it can help you land more lucrative jobs in other organizations as you are able to explain your accomplishments and convince recruiters.

14. Seek feedback

To continuously improve you need feedback from managers and fellow employees. To be a smart employee try to seek feedback at least every six months from your supervisor and colleagues. You will be surprised how much you learn about yourself, your weaknesses and strengths. With this information you will be able to fine tune your working arrangements and improve your output.

15. Focused on organizational goals

To move up in an organization takes time, effort and a genuine interest in the job you’re doing. You will move up if you are focused on finding solutions to problems in the organization and effectively mobilizing leadership and other personnel to get things done. Be focused on reducing wastage and inefficiencies and re-engineering processes to reduce duplication and increase productivity.


16. Staying positive

There is power in being positive and it will always get you ahead. In life, there are ups and downs but with the right attitude you will accomplish much. Be positive in outlook and project your confidence in your approach to work. With the outlook of positivity and confidence you will get much done which will make you noticed and promoted.

17. Work life balance

To move ahead in your career, maintain a healthy work life balance. You need time for both work and other aspects of life, such as for family and other personal interests. As the saying goes that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. For better psychological make up you need to balance your work and life in order to recharge and remain productive.

18. Health conscious

Health is one the most important critical pieces if you are to remain relevant and impactful in life. To move up in your career you need to have a health consciousness that is mindful of taking up the right routines and interests to improve your life. It is important to prioritize, healthy eating, exercise, rest and sleep and creating harmonious relationships. Being healthy will make you productive at work and increase your chance of success in your career.

19. Team player

Building team spirit and being an effective team player will help you forge ahead. Be the go-to employee a valuable resource that people come to for solutions. Establishing a good reputation as a team player will help your career.

20. Socialization

Whether you think is fair or not doesn’t matter but bosses will promote employees they socialize with. Make time to socialize with your bosses at the happy hour or other arrangements. Invite your boss to come over to your home for dinner or a barbeque. Just be approachable and respectful and it will do the magic.

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