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Be more! Get involved in solving unemployment in Ghana.

At we look for top talent to support our mission of reducing unemployment by easing the process of job search and recruitment for all. Our vision is creating a world where job opportunities abound and people have access to sufficient information to reach out and seek employment. For anyone willing to work a job opportunity should be easily accessible to him or her. For us it is a duty to send out information to as many people as possible to access job opportunities.


Are you willing and ready to be part of this mission and contribute to supporting millions of Ghanaians find work. The benefit are enormous and fulfilling. It is both humanitarian and rewarding mentally plus you have increased flexibility and you can telecommute in working with us. You will be contributing to the environmental sustainability of our planet by working virtually with some minimal in-person meetings and discussions. We reward handsomely fanyone willing to put in the innovative and dedicated work. Laziness and lack o fzeal, indepencene and innovation is not entertained.

Our affiliate program

You can work for us as an affiliate/reseller where you earn commissions and you have a great opportunity for freedom, flexibility and fairness. As an affiliate/reseller we guide you through the process of effectively starting a sales and marketing campaign on your social media page, website or whatsapp friends and groups. You earn a decent commission of each click through or sale converted. For sales converted you earn a commission of 25% of the sale. For any click through our website as a result of your effort you are compensated with a GHS1. All commissions are paid monthly either through mobile money or into your bank account.

Structure of commissions

  1. Referral that clicks and lands on our webpage – GHS1. Irrespective of whether the referral makes a purchase or not.
  2. Referral that makes a purchase on our website – 25% commision on the purchase. Your reward can be 1,000s of GHS

Current Vacancies

As an organization we recruit staff for our office in Accra to carry out important tasks for the growth of our organization. we look out for people who  are passionate and committed to higher ideals and aspirations of service. We looking for people are independent and need minimal supervision . we want to work with people who are observed with serviced and deddication to customer satisfaction.  We price employees that belief in fairness to all, integrity above self-gain and motivation to uprightness. Team Spirit is a priced commodity in Dailyworkery and for us togetherness and unity of purpose in our mission and vision is central to all we do.

We recruit for the following departments of our organization:

  1. Design & Technology
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Finance
  4. Legal & administration

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