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7 tips to aid you in your career choice

As a human being, you will spend a third of your day in the workplace. The choice of a job and the place you will work will to a great extent determine your happiness and fulfillment in life. Your fulfillment will go to the core of your purpose, aspirations, passions, and the impact you desire […]

How to kick start your career after graduation

Introduction So you have completed school, what next is the question that should arise in your mind. There are two types of graduates: the ones that wait for employment and those that go out and create their own future, and the mixture of the two. Learn how to start your career after graduation.   Today […]

3 top career advice blogs/websites in Ghana

1. Introduction to career advice Career advice refers to guidance given by an individual, counsellor, blog or institution on career development and success. It covers a variety of topics such as how to discover your career, plan your career, job search strategies, success strategies at the workplace and building career excellence. Career advice is delivered […]

An introduction to career coaching in Africa

There are different types of coaches and an important segment of coaching is career coaching and they can be found in schools, government institutions or as private operators. Career coaches are on every continent including African and in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Liberia, Sierra Leone and frankly almost every country. Career coaching […]

Step by step guide to use LinkedIn for job search and career success

Of the Social Media giants on the planet, by far LinkedIn advances your job search and career success. LinkedIn was created for networking between job seekers and employers. On LinkedIn, you can do professional networking, employers can post jobs, and job seekers post their CVs or resumes. Chances are you probably have a LinkedIn account, […]

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