13 don’ts of job interviews

Knowing what not to do at interview is equally as important as knowing what to do. Once you have landed that interview you can land the job with sound principles. There are 13 important don’ts you should avoid falling into during an interview. If you keep these you will have the right preparation, comportment and […]
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10 ways to prepare for a job interview

Do you have an interview and confused on how to prepare for a job interview, don’t despair this article will help you succeed and beat the competition guaranteed. If you’re looking to enter the job market or even switching jobs, you will be given practical tips and insights on preparing and excelling at your next […]

6 types of interview questions and techniques explained

You have applied for that job and you get shortlisted and are asked to come in for an assessment. Today we will be exploring the different types on job assessments that you will face and how to tackle them. Generally, all your interviews and assessments could be written, verbal or hands on practical work. An […]

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