Employer Insights

Essentials of staff planning and strategy

As an employer what you need from the human resources component of your organization is staff requirements and supply equilibrium to deliver on your vision. The staffing requirements of your organization, the demand side of your staffing equation should be well matched with the supply of quality well suited persons to fill vacancies. The staff […]

Interview planning for Employers

As an employer you have shortlisted your applicants for the big day of interviews. What are the essentials to make sure that your big day goes on very well? Four essential components to be mindful of are: your venue and setup, panel, questioning structure, and post interview. This framework will help you have a successful […]

10 free websites for employers to post jobs in Ghana

When it comes to the word free, everyone is on the look out for it. In the recruitment and employment field, where in Ghana can you post jobs for free. I am going to be listing several websites that allow you to post jobs for free. Find out 10 free websites to post jobs for […]

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