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As a human being, you will spend a third of your day in the workplace. The choice of a job and the place you will work will to a great extent determine your happiness and fulfillment in life. Your fulfillment will go to the core of your purpose, aspirations, passions, and the impact you desire to achieve.

To achieve success and happiness in employment starts with the right mindset, planning and action. Today you will be reading about how to increase your job fulfillment and impact co-efficient. The following seven tips will help you find and excel in a job that is core to you and will benefit your community and society to the maximum.

1. Clarify your values

2. Go for your passionate employment sectors and jobs

3. Choose your career path

4. Career goals

5. Role Personality fit

6. Research your potential employers

7.  Networking

1. Clarify your values

The first step to finding the right employment you desire is to clarify your values i.e. what is important to you. Your values are those things that you care about and the things that you hold dear and will want to see improved or scaled to benefit a lot more people. Your values will determine the kind of job you will thrive. Do you value invention, philanthropy, education, helping others, working with children or public policy or cutting inefficiencies and waste.

Your values will then determine the kind of sector you should be working. Within the sector you can then begin to narrow down to the company or location to work. It is important to clarify this, and have it ingrained in you. It will guide you in your job search and once you can be specific, I guarantee your job search will be quicker. Clarity is so important to success in job search, don’t sacrifice it.

2. Go for your passionate employment sectors and jobs

To find a rewarding job is to find a job that you are passionate about. It is often said if your job is your passion you will not work any more because you will have fan doing what you love. For job seekers, please focus on your passion and not money. If you focus on money you may not get it and may loose it together with your joy. Your passion should be the job that will impact positively more lives and create greater impact.

It is very much linked to your values but here you are focused on the kinds of jobs that will make you happy and fulfilled. It is where you naturally flow. It is better to have a job that is fun and fulfilling than a chore that you dread going to. Go to a job area that you are passionate about and if it is not available create one. Doing a job that you are passionate about and impacts people will make you both happy and rich.

3. Choose your career path

You will need to choose a career path that you are interested and passionate about. There are several career paths you can choose from, use the list below as a guide on choosing your career path.

  • Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.
  • Architecture and Construction.
  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications.
  • Business, Management, and Administration.
  • Education and Training
  • Government and Public Administration.
  • Health Science.
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

A few tips to know is that a career path includes several dimensions of a career such as the various occupations in that sector, what it takes to work there in terms of certification, qualification and much more.

4. Career goals

You will need to know your career goals and work towards your goals. Your career goals are you short, medium- and long-term career goals i.e. where you want to be professionally. Your career goals should be well thought out and validated with yourself, network and mentors.

A career goal should be written down and reviewed often. Get focused looking for a job that is in line with your career goals. It is fulfilling to reach your goals. Once you get a job that aligns with your career goal you will be a lot happier.

5. Role Personality fit

Your personality traits should feature prominently in your career choices. Your choice of career should be in alignment of your personality type or you will be in for a disaster later in life. The big five factors of personality will help you choose the kind of job that will match your personality.

Careers are best suited to your personality, for instance an extroverted person will do well in careers in politics, sales, media, journalism and music etc. While introverted persons will do well in careers such being an editor, IT manager, Content Manager or behavioral therapist. By now you should know your temperament or go a journey to discover it to help you in your career choices.


6. Research your potential employers

Whatever your aspirations may be working for the right employer is equally as important as the choice of job you make. You will need to work for an employer who will reinforce your aspirations and help carry you along your career goals. The culture of the workplace is vital for you to grow and achieve more. Working for the right organization can help you reach your own aspirations.


You may decide to work for an established company or a startup whichever it is you will need to know the organization well. Make a list of organizations you will like to work for and thoroughly research the organizations to ensure that your values, beliefs and aspirations are in alignment.


7. Network

To get the right employment you will need to work with the right network of people. The network of people should include potential employers, career coaches, mentors, counselors, friends, associates,  teachers and advisers. To choose the right job or employment talk to as many people as possible that you have an association with and you will be amazed at the kinds of insights, they will provide that will help you along your path.


Choosing the right employment or career is a process of self-discovery and you can achieve it by networking. Attend career discovery webinars, clinics, employer engagements and all opportunities relating to career development. In these environments you will have aha moments that will lead you to your career path and employment choices.

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