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Features on DailyWorkery Online Platform

It is designed simply with user friendliness being the top most consideration

The registration process has been simplified with one click, go to dashboard and start uploading or applying for jobs. No multiple steps required.

The user dashboard has menu at the left and on the main menu of each page. You can navigate easily and it’s intuitive, self explanatory & easy to use.

Your potential job seekers have several options to apply for jobs. It is designed with all users even the simplest. Apply by – Email, Whatsapp, Phone & custom URL

Diversify your recruitment

We have options for our esteemed employer that allows you to recruit with ease. You can recruit the traditional way by posting a job, shortlisting, calling for interviews, selecting and onboarding. Our you can use another option we have by browsing our database of profiles and CVs, it is you pre-screening in action, then you can call for discussions, testing and recruitment. It is an effective way of recruiting. Our platform allows small businesses, Households and Individuals to recruit for small jobs and for big jobs.


Recruit through:-

1. Traditional job posting to all qualified prospects.

2. Browse the profiles and CVs of individuals online



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