Software Engineer – Senior Full-Stack (Ghana)

Zipline operates the world’s only national-scale drone delivery systems, sending urgent medicines like lifesaving blood and vaccines to those in need, no matter where they live.
Today, Zipline operates across Rwanda and Ghana, and we’re expanding quickly. Local operations teams are responsible for the success of Zipline in their country, from managing the execution of our drone deliveries to providing an excellent experience for our customers and key stakeholders.
The Global Fulfillment Team is responsible for the software that drives Zipline’s operations, customer experience, and client experience. This team owns the software that doctors and nurses at hospitals use to place orders, that our operations team uses to manage inventory and fulfill incoming orders, and that our key stakeholders use to understand what deliveries we’ve made and when.
As this team’s first full-stack software engineer in Africa, you will work closely with our local operations teams in Rwanda and Ghana. You’ll also engage with our external customers. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll work with a distributed team of full-stack software engineers based in the US, building products that will make a difference in all aspects of Zipline’s operations. You’ll own projects end-to-end, from conception to MVP to production. Your work will have an immediate and lasting impact on the future of Zipline.

People you’ll work with:

    • Ben Alderfer – User Experience Engineer
    • Bijal Mehta – Global Fulfillment Lead
    • Blaise Musabe – Fulfillment Operations Lead/Product (Rwanda)
    • Florence Haruna – Fulfillment Operations Lead/Product (Ghana)
    • Israel Bimpe – Global Client Experience Lead
    • Ivan Wang – Full-Stack Software Engineer
    • Jamila Farouk Jawula – Global Operations Data Analyst
    • Sarah Trisorus – Global Fulfillment Engineering Lead

Problems you’ll work on:

    • Developing an interface for Zipline’s partners to have visibility into the hospitals that are benefiting from Zipline’s services
    • Designing a simple and dependable system for doctors and nurses to order life-saving supplies from Zipline, regardless of their internet connectivity
    • Empowering our operations teams with amazing software tools to track inventory, process orders, prepare aircraft, and monitor flight status
    • Building out the Ghana-based full-stack engineering team and driving the future of the products that this team owns

We’re excited to meet you if you have some or all of the following:

    • 3+ years experience in a software engineering role, 1+ years in a senior role
    • Expertise in Python and JavaScript (bonus points for React and TypeScript)
    • Experience building production web services with consideration for security, scalability, and reliability
    • Experience using application server frameworks (bonus points for Django)
    • Experience rapidly prototyping new product concepts, and excitement to work in an environment where you’ll be learning quickly from your users to define a product
    • Understanding of automated testing practices and the ability to apply them to produce solid code that can be iterated on quickly
    • Knowledge of database fundamentals like indexing, SQL queries, schema migrations, and managing backups and strong data model design skills
    • Experience managing production services (bonus points for building services to work in low-connectivity situations)


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