Senior Back-end developer

As senior back-end developer you’ll be responsible for the server-side code and APIs of our mobile
applications. You’ll be involved in the entire product development lifecycle including the design,
development, deployment and maintenance of new and existing features. Your work will impact the
stability and quality of our mobile applications. You’ll write reusable and maintainable code. You’ll
also perform UI tests to optimise performance. You’ll work closely with our front-end development
team to ensure system consistency and to create a great user experience. Ultimately, you’ll be the
driving force behind all back-end activities.

● Build REST Services using C# and .NET Core.
● Maintaining and developing server-side network components.
● Maintaining the optimal performance of our central database and ensuring responsiveness to
any front-end requests.
● Collaborating with front-end application developers on element integration.
● Writing efficient, reusable, and testable code used in high-performance applications.
● Work as part of a cross-functional team to determine optimal API contracts, code reviews,
internal infrastructure, and process enhancement.
● Full-stack development capabilities are a plus.

● Strong experience with programming languages like C# / .NET, Python or Java.
● Experience building services using REST or GraphQL.
● Good understanding of the entire product development lifecycle.
● Minimum 4 years developing web/mobile applications
● Minimum 4 year’s experience working with relational and document databases.
● 4-5 years using C# / .NetCore in a professional capacity.
● In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, frameworks, libraries, and web stacks
● Experience with cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes, containerisation,
microservices and Software-defined Infrastructure.
● Great problem-solving skills and a team player.
● BSc or MSc in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
● Excellent analytical skills and good at time management.

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This job has expired.

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