Sales Representative (Door-to-Door)

Jonhord Ventures is a reputable venture firm in Ghana.

Job Description

  • Company: Jonhord Ventures
  • Location: Ghana
  • State: Accra
  • Job type: Full-Time

We are recruiting to fill the following positions below:

Job Title: Sales Representative (Door-to-Door)

Job Summary

• Responsible for contacting customers and vendors either online or physically by going door-to-door selling merchandise, promoting brand products, and awareness. Sets up and demonstrates product, sign up or negotiates the sale, and completes paperwork. May check up on clients repeatedly.


• Travel to assigned neighborhoods going door-to-door with or without an appointment with the goal of selling merchandise, promoting brand products and awareness.
• Demonstrates company products and shows how clients can maximize product features.
• Show a presentation on product features.
• Convince the client to purchase a product or sign up using a script or persuasive technique.
• Distribute product samples.
• Hand out pamphlets.
• Write up orders for merchandise.
• Negotiate prices and create tickets.
• Take payments such as cash, credit, or check.
• Travel by foot, car, motor circle, or bicycle to deliver or sell merchandise or services.
• Follow the management lead list and suggest the prospect list.
• Circle back and check on customers and vendors who are in the position to buy the product or sign up service.
• Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others.
• Work an assigned territory, often up to 30-50 houses or locations per day.
• Win back or upgrade current or former customers.
• Assist with the installation of the product.
• Tell customers why the product is better than competitors.
• Suggest specific product purchases.

Salary: DOE



This job has expired.

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