Remote Senior Architect

Job Responsibilities/Description

– Take ownership of product quality, reliability, efficiency security & performance
– Develop metrics to quantify product quality and engineering efficiency
– Maintain a high level of productivity across multiple projects even without guidance
– Design architectural blueprints & drive technical leadership within the engineering team
– Skilled in code review, writing project documentation, etc. during phased releases
– Mentor & motivate junior software engineers & interns to bring forth innovative solutions
– Share constructive feedback & suggestions to improve the overall performance of the team
– Provide suggestions for potential projects that can bring impactful results

Minimum requirements
– Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science (or equivalent experience)
– 2+ years of experience working as a software architect
Proficiency in technologies like React.js, Node.js, Python, JS, React Native, PHP, etc.
– Expert understanding of design patterns and architecture of software applications

Preferred skills
– Skilled in complex code bases, large systems, & version control systems like Git
– Experience with multi-platform support (Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Mac)
– Knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript, UI/UX design, and other front-end technologies
– Experience with data modeling, database design, & service-oriented architecture
– Experience with (SDLC) software development lifecycle processes
– Excellent command over algorithms, data structures, and space-time complexity
– Fluency in the English language to collaborate with engineering managers
– The ability to work full-time (40 hours/week) and a 4 hour overlap with U.S. time zones

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