Recruitment of National Consultant to Develop Climate Finance Tracking Standard Operation Manual for the Government of Ghana

Documents :
Annex I-Terms of Reference
Bid Submission Instructions/Notice
Annex II-Technical Proposal Submission Form
Annex III-Financial Proposal Submission Form


Overview :


Over the past years Ghana’s economic progress has been on a positive trajectory, underscoring its huge potential to achieve the level of development required to not only lift millions of its citizens out of poverty but also improve their general welfare. However, these positive developments are met by challenges such as climate change, which not only threaten the achievement of sustainable development and poverty reduction but also could potentially reverse the gains made so far towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).To address the climate change threats, the Government of Ghana has over the years consistently worked on providing an enabling environment with policy formulation, mobilization of resources, facilitation of engagement and above all, coordination of multiple efforts by different actors with the aim to achieve climate resilient, low carbon and sustainable development. In the 10-year period of its post-2020 enhanced climate action plan, Ghana has estimated that up to US$22.6 billion in investment from domestic and international public and private sources are needed to finance its climate adaptation and mitigation ambition. The current COVID-19 pandemic is additionally highlighting the required financial investment needed to economic recovery , ensure green growth, inclusive and equitable sustainable development is critical


Rationale for this Assignment

The scope of the assignment shall include the development of Standard operating manual for climate finance tracking and reporting. In particular, the consultant will be expected to comprehensively review any existing or similar Standard Operation manuals related to climate finance tracking. While, there has been significant progress in establishing the necessary arrangements in addressing climate change finance tracking inflows and reporting, the manual is expected to state clearly what has been institutionalized in the various sectors in terms of reporting of climate finance inflows by the Public and Private sector (including CSOs), and exist in Ghana and what proper coordination mechanism can be institutionalized for effective and efficient management, tracking and reporting of climate inflows



  • Minimum of master’s degree in any of the following: Economics, Social Science, Accounting, Business Administration (Finance option), Public Administration, Financial Management, Public Policy, International Development or any other relevant field. An interdisciplinary background will be an advantage.



  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in advisory services in fields related to public investment, public finance, and project management at a senior level.
  • Must have been involved in at least two assignments on the development of Public Investment Management Regulations, Operations Manual, Guidelines and Templates.
  • Extensive knowledge of Public Investment Management processes including planning, project preparation and appraisal, project selection and budgeting, project execution as well as monitoring and evaluation.
  • Appreciable knowledge in climate change and finance
  • Demonstrated ability to work with government / public sector decision-makers and development partners.
  • Knowledge of international practices in Public Investment Management processes and systems.



  • See the Documents section above for the detailed Annex I-Terms of Reference and Submission Documents.



  • Strictly follow the instructions indicated in the IC Proposal Submission Form uploaded hereto

For detailed information, please refer to Annex I- Terms of Reference (ToR)

Important Note:

The Consultant is required to have the above mentioned professional and technical qualifications. Only the applicants who hold these qualifications are advised to submit their respective bid proposals


The following proposals must be prepared as per the prescribed standard format indicated in the respective IC Bid Document. The Proposals shall be submitted before its deadline on May 20, 2021 via UNDP Ghana Secured mail address:

  • Technical Proposal in pdf under file name: UNDP.GHA.2021.114.IC – TP – [insert  Name]
  • Financial Proposal in pdf under file name: UNDP.GHA.2021.114.IC – FP – [insert  Name]

Please note that these proposals shall be submitted to the designated secured email into two files but in one email unless both Files are Greater than 9MB file size


While submitting your proposals to


This job has expired.

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