Medicas Hospital

Provide quality pharmaceutical care to clients in the health facility in accordance with the Standards of Pharmaceutical Care and accompanying Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Services.

Provide medicines information, advice and counseling services to other health staff and patients/clients to enhance therapeutic outcomes.

Serve as Manager of a Pharmacy in a Clinical Department.

Ensure the safe and secure storage and handling of medicines in the hospital.

Serve as an active member of the hospital quality assurance team as appropriate.

Promote the activities of Drugs and Therapeutic Committee (DTC) and Rational Use of Medicines (RUM) in the hospital.

Ensure that good quality, safe, efficacious and affordable pharmaceutical products and devices are supplied to patients/clients.

Ensure the effective and efficient management of the Revolving Drugs Funds of the hospital.

Ensure the efficient collection, storage, processing and utilization of data in pharmacy to inform management and clinical care decisions.

Contribute actively to the development of hospital policies and guidelines and ensure compliance to them.

Undertake central intravenous addictive services in accordance with the level of care in the hospital.


Educational Requirements & Qualifications

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to work, lead and manage a multi-disciplinary team

Ability to organise workload, work under pressure to meet tight deadlines

Computer skills

Excellent problem-solving skills.


This job has expired.

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