Logistics Coordinator


The Logistics Coordinator reports directly to the Finance Manager (FM) and is responsible for procurement and transportation activities in the respective country. The incumbent also manage store and fixed assets, support administration and oversee execution of rehabilitation projects. The incumbent works closely with the Program Manager, Finance Manager and Project Officers as required.


• Ensures all maintenance and control of RTP/donor logistics and procedures are fulfilled.
• Ensures that timely periodic vehicles/generators maintenance is conducted according to specific kilometre coverage and running time.
• Monitors the issuing and use of fuel by maintaining an accurate, clear and transparent record of fuel consumption.
• Advises on road conditions for country side travel to ensure the safety of passengers.
• Coordinates transportation of staff and goods in the field.
• In coordination with Finance Manager, ensures timely payment of all RTP utility bills, subscriptions and other bills.
• Liaises with relevant government ministries, customs authorities and other departments for the clearing of imported/exported goods.
• Facilitates arrangements for visitors, meetings, conferences and special events.

Job Responsibility #2: Procurement (25% of Time):

• Coordinates and facilitates the procurement requirements of the program office on the basis of the procurement policy guidelines.
• Reviews pre-qualification suppliers list against procurement policy.
• Ensures compliance with procurement procedures as per field-authorization level manual.
• Responsible for procurement committees’ constitution and for arranging meetings to make purchase decisions.
• Creates purchase orders, ensuring relevant procurement procedures have been applied and all supporting documentation is attached.
• Ensures invoices received reconcile to purchase orders and matched receipts of purchase orders.
• Handles contract management in regards to renewal, payment etc.
• Ensures deliveries are processed in an adequate and timely manner.

Job Responsibility #3 Store and fixed assets management (15% of Time):

• Oversees the management of the store and keeps the store in good condition.
• Checks balances of goods and equipment and reports to Finance Manager
• Keeps and registers returned used projects materials.
• Produces monthly stock reports for Finance Manager and CD consideration.
• Develops appropriate systems and procedures for the management of the programme’s assets, adapted to the specific needs of each site.

Job Responsibility #4: Rehabilitation project management (15% of Time):

• Manages all technical and scheduling project aspects and coordinates with other team members toward an effective and efficient execution of the project.
• Coordinates with construction managers to ensure proper and on time implementation of the project.
• Follows up on the implementation of the rehabilitation work and provides Program Manager/Country Manager with continuous updates.
• Follows up with contractors on quality of delivery, payment and project end

Job Responsibility #5: Team management (10% of Time):

• Supervises and monitors all drivers in their daily duties such as daily vehicle inspections, preventative maintenance reporting, logbooks, cleaning of vehicles and adherence to safety.
• Ensures that the direct reporting team are familiar with their roles and responsibilities within their individual job profiles and provides all coaching and support to build their capacity.
• Carries out the performance appraisal of the direct reporting team

Job Responsibility #6: Perform Other Duties as Assigned (5% of Time)


• Bachelor’s degree in Management, Administration or related discipline


• 3 years’ experience in logistics and/or procurement in national or international level.


• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills both written and verbal
• Excellent research and negotiation skills
• A solid team player with respect for others
• Effective organization skills
• Ability to manage a team and provide feedback


• Computer literacy in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Ability to use automated procurement systems
• Understanding of fleet management
• Skilled in record keeping and documentation


• Degree in project management
• Experience in working with NGO or I/NGOs
• Holding a driving license


How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please send your resume and cover letter to GhanaHR@righttoplay.com and kindly include “Logistics Coordinator” and your name in the subject line.

Application Deadline: 05th July 2020


This job has expired.

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