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We are looking for a highly organized and level headed laboratory manager to provide technical
laboratory service, advise, and contribute to quality control through the development,
implementation, monitoring of standards and evaluation of services. The Laboratory Manager
is to ensure that all medical laboratory science operations run smoothly by scheduling staff,
maintaining inventory and ordering supplies, maintaining health and safety protocols, and
training laboratory professionals including assistants.
To be successful as a laboratory manager you must be able to multitask and plan ahead. A topnotch laboratory manager combines their experience in the medical laboratory science field with
excellent managerial skills. The person must have excellent communication skills, in-depth
technical knowledge, excellent interpersonal skills, earn the trust and respect from the team
members knowledge of field-specific tools & software, knowing the motivation of every
employee and assigning suitable tasks, planning and executions of tasks and getting things done
before the deadline.


Main Duties and Responsibilities

As a lead of the departmental management team the post holder will:
• Oversee the day-to-day delivery of efficient laboratory services in the facility.
• Contribute to the management of research, service planning and development activities for
continuing improvement of laboratory diagnostic services.
• Play a lead role in managing laboratory staff within the facility including performance
• Undertake the supervision of clinical laboratory tests within the facility to ensure efficient
delivery of such services.
• Contribute to effective liaison with the staff and management of the facility to
ensure the smooth running of clinical technical service delivery.
• Play a lead role in the audit of clinical laboratory services and other quality assurance
activities in the facility.
• Participate in external quality control activities as required and provided.
• Supervise and ensure the provision of accurate laboratory reports within
acceptable turnaround times.
• Undertake other duties and responsibilities as may be directed by the head of facility.

Diagnostic/Technical Duties (Laboratory areas)

The post holder is required to:
• Lead in the resolution of technical laboratory problems and manage situations, which may
otherwise result in a service delivery failure.
• Perform and supervise manual, semi-automated and fully automated
laboratory investigations.
• Monitor the accuracy and precision of laboratory investigations and ensure appropriate
quality control measures are being adhered to at all times.
• Undertake technical validation and reproducibility checks of laboratory instrumental
analyses to ensure accuracy and precision as specified by laboratory protocols.
• Ensure that preventive maintenance schedules have been carried out on laboratory
instruments prior to them being used for patientinvestigations.
• Manage corrective action when quality control procedures indicate loss of performance
with laboratory instruments or methods.
• Advise the clinical care team where necessary on the results of laboratory tests which impact on
client care.
• Interpret laboratory results and take appropriate actionsincluding:
o Authentication of results
o Ordering relevant follow-up laboratory procedures
o Informing departmental medical staff (or infection control unit where appropriate)
of laboratory test results which impact on client/patient care.

Laboratory Informatics

• Make use of Laboratory Information Management System (where available) in
accordance with authorised protocols.
• Ensure the maintenance of accurate laboratory databases.

Management of Financial and Physical Resources

  • Contribute to the preparation of realistic costing and purchase orders for laboratory
    reagents, capital equipment and other day-to-day running costs.
    • Assist in the preparation of costing for commercial trials and contracts where necessary.
    • Ensure that capital equipment is maintained to the required standards.


Management of Human Resources

• Line management of staff in the laboratory.
• Play an active role in the management of complaints, grievances and disciplinary
procedures in the unit as required.
• Contribute to the staff recruitment process including the induction of new staff.
• Organise staff in-service training (CPD) and contribute to the training and assessment of
medical laboratory assistants, trainee technicians and technologists.
• Participate in staff appraisal and performance reviews.
• Manage staff job allocation Rota and annual leave schedules under existing GHS
• Organise regular staff meetings as appropriate and maintain an effective line of
communication with and between staff.

General Management Duties

• Ensure day-to-day management of the laboratory.
• Manage staff and delegate as appropriate to ensure that the technical work of
the laboratory including the high-risk suite are carried out in accordance with
departmental standard operating procedures and safetyguidelines.
• Resolve technical laboratory problems and manage situations, which may
otherwise result in a service delivery failure.
• Prepare regular and timely reports on laboratory performance with regards to
standard operating procedures and policies.
• Manage the implementation of external and internal Quality Control (QC) measures for of
all technical procedures.
• Lead in the formulation of departmental operational policies and co-ordinate their
• Manage laboratory tours for visiting parties.
• Lead in the development of standards of Customer Care and external contracts in relation
to the laboratory services in the unit.


Health & Safety Responsibilities

• Take care of own safety and others who may be affected by actions or omissions.
• Work in compliance with all national health and safety requirements and keep up to date on
developments and training and other requirements.
• Coordinate and ensure safe working practices including the safe handling, processing,
packaging, storage, preservation and transportation of pathologicalspecimen both within
the department and their transport to other establishments following SOPS and guidelines.


Quality Assurance

• Comply with all national Quality Assurance Policy guidelines and work within the
prescribed quality standards for the laboratory service.
• Ensure that all national controls and guidelines on disinfections are followed, recorded
and monitored as appropriate.
• Coordinate and ensure regular quality control audits on operations of the laboratory.



• Participate in Continuing Professional Development to meet professional requirements
including participation in activities of the Professional Association.
• Ensure compliance with all local and national standards of work practice.



• BSc Medical Laboratory Science, biology, chemistry, or another relevant health and
science field.
• Registered with Allied Health Professional Council, Ghana
• Demonstrate experience of working with a health care learn
• A minimum of 5 years’ post qualification experience as a laboratory manager.
• Excellent managerial skills.
• Ability to multitask.
• Expert knowledge of laboratory health and safetyprotocols.
• Experience working in a lab would be advantageous.


This job has expired.

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