Human Resource Manager

Job Description

We are looking to hire a Human Resources Manager who will evolve our Human Resources practices as our business moves into the next phase of growth.

The role will involve both administrative and strategic work, with both being crucial to the success of the role. This role will be at the heart of helping to unlock the potential of all of our employees, which in turn will drive the business forward.

Key areas of focus will be:

  1. Be a business and thought partner to the management team
    1. Keep a pulse on the needs of the team and relevant trends globally and marry them into initiatives that tangibly improve the business
    2. Facilitate learning across teams and from other organisations
  2. Identify training needs and build a progressive learning and development programme for the organisation
    1. Designing appropriate training programmes and bringing in the right trainers, both from within and external to the business
    2. This will include managing a significant budget and evaluating the quality of training in a systematic way
  3. Performance management – ensure clear targets, measurement and support for every member of the team
    1. Feed appraisals into annual bonuses in a fair and transparent fashion
    2. Remuneration – regular evaluation of remuneration across the business and support in designing remuneration programmes and robust incentive schemes
  4. Culture development – working with the management team, identify opportunities to improve our customer focused, initiative driven and innovation led culture
    1. Drive innovation and improvement within the team with appropriate programmes
    2. Manage the regular awards programme (employee of the month etc)
  5. Development plans
    1. Ensure all team members have the opportunity for a development plan that is appropriately monitored, supported and updated
  6. Recruitment and onboarding –
    1. Bring in great people, leveraging national platforms and your own network
    2. Ensure that inductions are fit for purpose to enable all new hires to get up to speed as quickly as possible and flourish in their new roles
  7. Labour law
    1. Keep contracts up to date, appropriate and in line with all relevant laws
    2. Ensure we are compliant with labour laws and in line with best practice
  8. Systems and processes
    1. Maintain systems, processes and communication appropriate to the business’ needs and growth that develop with the business as it evolves
  9. Mentorship
    1. Ensure the mentorship programme is run effectively, bringing on new mentors and replacing older ones as needs of team members change
  10. Succession planning
    1. Building clear pathways in the organisation and capacity in our junior management and field teams to enable them to grow into more senior roles in line with their career ambitions and the business’ needs

The successful candidate will report to the CEO. S/he will become the expert point of contact within the organisation and will partner with the management team to communicate Human Resources policies, procedures and programmes to staff.


  • Remuneration will be between 2,000 and 5,000 Cedis per month, dependent on experience. Private health insurance will also be offered on passing probation
  • On passing probation, you will become eligible for the annual performance related bonus scheme
  • People development is important to us as an organisation and we will invest in your professional development in both formal and informal training opportunities
  • Work in a culture that will push you to be your best, with high standards but also a respect for your ideas and opinions and a willingness to bring ideas to reality
  • There is the opportunity to help build an organisation that shows the world that container based sanitation can help solve the sanitation crisis that Ghana and many other nations are facing in a dignified and customer focused way

Required Skills or Experience

  • Coaching and development: You are passionate about identifying potential and building the structures to get the best out of each and every member of the team. Formal coaching training is nice to have but we recognise the value of informal coaching in different contexts
  • Creativity and implementation – spotting opportunities for improvement and being able to build them into something tangible
  • Communication – being able to listen well enough to understand the nuance of various situations and gather insights into opportunities. Also being able to articulate new ideas to all members of staff at any level of the organisation
  • Managing Change: Trying new things, understanding if they are working and effectively embedding positive change into our daily work, in collaboration with all stakeholders – futureproofing the business
  • Collaboration is key and you will have to work across all levels of the business and understand the interaction between departments to succeed in this role
  • Integrity: We are a social enterprise and hold our integrity as one of our greatest assets. Any member of the team will be expected to maintain the highest ethical standards in all their work and interactions, both internally and externally

How to Apply

  • Please send a cover letter and CV to with a clear email title including your name and the role you are applying for
  • Please ensure your cover letter is no more than one page and outlines:
    • What role you are applying for
    • Your relevant experience for the role, directly related to the key focus areas, with examples of how your experiences will help you succeed in this job
    • Why you want to work for Clean Team Ghana Limited
  • Application Deadline is Monday 7th September 2020
  • There will be an initial phone interview for shortlisted candidates. If successful, candidates will be asked to do a case study presentation and final interview
  • We are looking for the role to begin by the end of September 2020
  • The entire recruitment process may be conducted remotely and the role may well start working from home


This job has expired.

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