Fulfillment Operations Professional (Ashanti Mampong, Ashanti Region)

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About Zipline
Do you love to find new ways to solve old problems in a high-energy environment with an inspiring team of innovators, driven to tackle seemingly impossible challenges?  Are you someone who shines under pressure? Then keep reading.
Zipline is at the forefront of a logistics revolution, using battery powered autonomous aircraft to deliver just-in-time, lifesaving medical supplies around the world and we’re looking for motivated, proactive team members to join us.
At the moment, Zipline is delivering 20% of all the blood being transported outside of Kigali, Rwanda. We are expanding rapidly throughout the world and looking for amazing individuals who are passionate about the nexus of public health and cutting-edge technology to change the world.
Zipline is currently a team of 200 rockstars, with an R&D branch in California, USA and distribution centers for drone deliveries across Rwanda and Ghana.
As a member of Zipline’s Fulfillment Operations team in Ashanti Mampong, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, you will be in charge of making sure delivery of medical products from a Zipline distribution center to hospitals around the center are completed seamlessly. In order to achieve this, you will be involved in client support, quality assurance, inventory & warehouse tracking, and building relationship with our facilities.
WITHIN 1 MONTH: You will become a certified Fulfillment Operator, and take an active role in ensuring that you have all the tools and knowledge you require to get the job done. You will work with an advocate to track and report your progress against a clear set of training and certification KPIs.
WITHIN 3 MONTHS: You will be able to handle all communications with our customers and handle new challenges that arise with the team. You will work with a team and peer mentor to ensure you have full understanding of all the aspects of our supply chain, inventory management, and stakeholders.
WITHIN 6 MONTHS: You will be given more responsibilities such as drafting reports for our different stakeholders, collecting feedback from customers, compiling reports, and analyzing findings. You will also be able train new recruits on fulfillment material and shadow them during the first month
WITHIN 12 MONTHS: You will be able to process all deliveries autonomously and create new procedures as needed based on company growth and diversification of projects. You will play an active role creating new Fulfillment Operations strategy and collaborating with teams and leadership on ongoing projects.


      • Customer Service & Order Fulfillment: You will be the first line when it comes to fielding orders from customers & ensuring they have a high quality & excellent experience.
      • Inventory & Warehouse Management: Organizing and managing supplies and equipment to ensure as the company scales, proper management procedures are in place.
      • Product Handling: Manage & prepare packages to be delivered via drone to the hospitals and clinics to ensure quality & speed of delivery.
      • Best Practices & Safety Management: Work with a team to perform daily quality control, oversee safety and regulations at the Zipline distribution center.
      • Strategic Improvement & Planning: Participate in constant analysis and improvement of Standard Operating Procedures based on community feedback, and government and company requirements.
    • Forecasting: Predicting & modeling volumes of supply chain.


      • Preferred: Bachelors in Sciences preferably in Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biomedical Laboratory and Microbiology
      • Full professional proficiency in spoken and written English


    • Passionate about making sure that each component of our supply chain and order processing is handled perfectly
    • Understanding of handling, supply chain, and inventory management, preferably of medical products
    • A problem solver who gets excited about making processes more efficient by analyzing our historical trends
    • Proactive with excellent organization and attention to detail, with strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Obsessed with customer experience and making sure the quality of our deliveries always exceeds expectationsUpbeat and positive, a collaborator who wants to succeed while also helping teammates grow


      • Training: Fulfillment Operations team will go through a rigorous training process as part of the onboarding process. This training will be across multiple teams, so you will learn not only about customer success but also drone operations and fulfillment.
      • Professional Development: Zipline is a fast growing startup and there will be many opportunities for you to rise as a leader, taking on more responsibility, and having more direct input into our processes and strategy
    • Benefits: Zipline offers benefits to its team including health insurance, access to a library of management books, and more.


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