Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) is a reputable firm in Ghana.

Job Description

  • Company: Ghana Integrity Initiative
  • Location: Ghana
  • State: Accra
  • Job type: Full-Time.

Job Title: Consultant


As part of the project implementation, GII and GACC are seeking to engage the services of a Consultant to undertake a comparative study on anti-corruption agenda of countries with similar political dynamism as Ghana to provide a baseline to support the political parties anti-corruption manifestoes. The output of this study is intended for policy engagements with

Political Parties to influence their anti-corruption programmes as will be outlined in their respective manifestoes in the run up to the 2020 general elections.

The specific objectives of the assessment are:

  • To identify anti-corruption policy/legislative gaps in the manifestoes of five selected political parties who have won power since the year 2008 and make recommendations on Ghana’s current anti-corruption policy or legislative needs
  • To identify how political parties from the comparative countries have, in the past three elections, mainstreamed anti-corruption policy/legislative gaps in their manifestoes and recommend same
  • To review anti-corruption recommendations from grant partners of STAR Ghana’s 2016- 2019 anti-corruption call for inclusion in an anti-corruption policy recommendation to be made to the political parties

Scope of Work/Terms of Reference

  • Undertake a comprehensive review of relevant documents
  • Develop a detailed work plan outlining the approach to conduct the study
  • Collect and process relevant data and write a comprehensive report on the subject matter
  • Participate in three zonal citizens consultative workshops
  • Categorise recommendations under themes
  • Present draft report to GII, GACC and key stakeholders for inputs at a validation meeting to be organised by project implementation partners
  • Incorporate inputs from validation process into the report
  • Provide the final report (Anti-Corruption Manifesto 2020) to GII & GACC
  • Develop a Policy Paper or brief to be presented to the political parties

Expected Outputs and deliverables

  • Detailed work plan for assignment developed
  • Draft report detailing anti-corruption reforms to Political Parties consideration
  • One validation meeting organized and inputs from stakeholders documented (equally subject to initial validation with project implementation partners)
  • Final report (Anti-Corruption Manifesto 2020) developed and presented to the project implementing partners
  • One policy dialogue organized by the implementing partners and facilitated by then consultant

Expected Requirements of Applicants

The successful applicant should be an Experienced Consultant with:

  • Proven track record in undertaking similar assessments
  • Deep knowledge of Ghana’s political landscape
  • Expertise in governance/anti-corruption research
  • A minimum of five years of research experience
  • Deep knowledge and skills in qualitative methodologies
  • Excellent data processing and IT skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and writing skills

Duration of Contract

The study shall start immediately after signing a contract. The total consulting days for this undertaking is 15 working days. Within this period, the consultant is to ensure the completion of all deliverables.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send their:

  • Curriculum vitae and
  • A technical proposal outlining the assessment approach, a detailed work plan, and budget.


This job has expired.

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