Anesthetist Nurse x6

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare (formerly Aspen Medical International) is a specialist hospital that on the frontlines of COVID-19, has delivered 5000+ medical personnel & healthcare.
We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Anesthetist Nurse x6


  • Examine the patients’ history for allergies or illnesses that would affect anesthesia.
  • Evaluate and prepare patients, provides education about surgery and recovery, and discuss the side effects of anesthesia with them.
  • Determine the amount and type of anesthesia needed for the patient and the best way to administer it.
  • Perform or evaluate the results of diagnostic tests such as radiographs (x-rays) and electrocardiograms (EKGs).
  • Manage patients’ airway or pulmonary status using techniques such as endotracheal intubation, mechanical ventilation, pharmacological support, respiratory therapy, and extubation.
  • Perform or manage regional anesthetic techniques such as local, spinal, epidural, caudal, nerve blocks and intravenous blocks.
  • Monitor patients’ vital signs and their dose of anesthesia during medical procedures.
  • Oversee patients’ safety during anesthesia recovery.
  • Prepare prescribed solutions and administer local, intravenous, spinal, or other anesthetics following specified methods and procedures.
  • Respond to emergency situations by providing airway management, administering emergency fluids or drugs, or using basic or advanced cardiac life support techniques.
  • Select, order, or administer anesthetics, adjuvant drugs, accessory drugs, fluids or blood products as necessary.
  • Perform some administrative duties, such as ordering anesthesia, training new staff, and overseeing department finances.

Job Requirement 

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Nursing.
  • Current unrestricted registration as a Registered Nurse within home country.
  • At least 3 years’ continuous experience as Anesthetist Nurse.
  • Certifications or training related to anesthesia program.
  • Demonstrate sufficient recent clinical experience in the last 12 months commensurate with the role.
  • A valid Home Country License must be maintained at all times
  • Full, detailed and most updated resume/CV.
  • Valid passport.
  • Must be able to speak and understand the English Language.

Note: Please submit your resume/CV, diploma, passport copies and credentials translated to the English language.

This job has expired.

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