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3 top career advice blogs/websites in Ghana

1. Introduction to career advice Career advice refers to guidance given by an individual, counsellor, blog or institution on career development and success. It covers

job search
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Job search strategy and tactics

There are so many articles written on writing resumes and interviewing but none of this will occur without a good job search strategy. Almost 100%

career goal
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How to write your Career goal!

Are you stuck in your career or unaware of the your career path? The starting point of career success and Career planning is to have

interview don'ts
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13 don’ts of job interviews

Knowing what not to do at interview is equally as important as knowing what to do. Once you have landed that interview you can land

career planning
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Career planning (process and actions)

What is career plan? A career plan or statement identifies short- and long-term career goals and the necessary steps and actions you can take to

Job Seekers Blog

Unlocking your career goal!

Everybody has a career and it is a central part of life as humans. Careers can be rewarding financially and enhancing to our wellbeing. Why

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