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You have see the job advertisements coming up. Don’t rush to apply for every job, before you do verify with some job application considerations. For your application to be strong you can pre-determine that with some key considerations before you start writing your cover letter and CV.

Consider the following eight questions before you apply for a job.

Does it tie into my career plans?

The first question you should ask yourself before applying for a job is how well it fits into your overall career plan. It the job is a fit with your career plan then it will be wise to apply but if not then it will be better to desist. Your career plan are your short term, medium term and long term goals. It should be the reference in making your job decisions and other career advancement choices.

Does the job fit my personality?

The second question to consider before applying for a job, is does this job fit my personality? Your personality traits are an important factor to consider when job searching. You are not a match for all jobs. Consider jobs that reinforce your personality. If you are not aware of personality traits in career development read my other posts: 6 ways to decode and uncover your career path and Career Development: Theory (and applications)

Does my experience match the job requirements?

You are better off asking this question before applying for any job. If your experience does not match the required experience in the job description it is better not to waste your time. A rule of thumb is am I underqualified or overqualified for this job? If you’re underqualified it is better not to waste your time applying.

Do my skills meet the job requirement?

Every job description will come with a skills expectation for candidates. Do you possess the skills required? If you do possess the skills required, then you can apply but if you do not you are better off not applying. Employers look out for skills set and will not compromise on that metric so be sure to evaluate your fit before spending hours applying for a job.

Does the job meet my salary expectations?

Another important question to ask before applying for a job, is does the job meet your salary expectation? If the job meets or exceeds you salary expectation then you can apply for the job otherwise it is better to abandon it.

What do I know about the organization?

It is always good to research you potential employers before applying for a job. You should research your potential employer on the workplace culture, opportunities for career development, work life balances and generally opportunities for advancement. You can achieve this knowledge by talking to employees of the organization, reading online reviews, linkedin or facebook and the employer website. If there is potential for advancement, then go for it otherwise perish the thought.

How long is the commute to job location?

An important question before applying for a job, is how long does it take to commute to work? If the commute will be too long and intolerable then you will have to either make sacrifices or abandon the job opening.

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