In pursuit of your dreams: The power of decision making

power of decision

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“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

The world does not lack millions of dreams, hopes, aspirations and ambitions however 99.9% are never realized. Merely wishing and dreaming, everyone can do but moving beyond that stage to a stage of realization and fulfillment eludes many people. The reason is simple many people take no action and they take no action because they do not really decide to pursue and attain their dreams and visions. The power of decision making is therefore crucial to move towards your goals and aspirations.


You can’t obtain what you have not decided to obtain. The first step is to decide positively, strongly and with every scintilla of power in  your being. When that is arrived at then all of nature will conspire to deliver you what you ask for.


So what is decision?


Decisions no matter how you look at it is about making resolutions, resolving and determining to undertake a course of action. Decisions are so powerful that they are really the determining factor of where you are today. Your progress will never outpace the quality of decisions you make.


You can dream all you like day and night forever and you will not get your dreams until you decide that I will possess my dreams and that I will pay the price and take actions. Many people have plenty ideas in their minds of doing so many things but somehow never do them. The only reason why they never act is because they never reached a decision to take action.


People have dreams of writing books, starting a business, starting a family, community work or volunteering but they never do it. They have not yet reached a decision to do it. To succeed at anything, you must act as the Nike mantra puts it – just to do it. Yes, just do it, it will amaze you how far you will go if you just do it.


On your journey to the top you will have to make decisions whether you like it or not. You will need in your arsenal the power of decision making and decisiveness. Wavering and vacillating is the quality of the failure such a person will not taste success.


Start with the little decisions and then the decisions that you have struggled with for a long time and the big ones. In all cases make decisions and overtime you will become more decisive. Not all your decisions will be correct, and you may even be met with disappointment but why not it only shows that you are striving and going somewhere. Just make more decisions and eventually your big breaks will come.


What have you been thinking of achieving for yourself? Go for it don’t hesitate or vacillate. Do you a dream of a career in the sports, arts, business, education, politics, civil service or engineering. Whatever you dream is start now and give yourself time to realize it. Spend time in the thinking phase but don’t stay there forever decide to move, conquer your fears and scale your limitations. You are well able to achieve all your dreams.


To make good decisions you will need to make decisions based on information and careful thought. Avoid impulsive and erratic decision making. Before you make decisions be sure to consider all angles of the issue, looking at all the scenarios and possibilities and ultimately settle on one. Do not make the decision-making process complicated and do not analyze yourself to paralysis, at a point you will need to take a leap of faith and go with one course of action.


Don’t renege just decide, a decision is better than no decision. In time you will course correct and keep going till you reach your goals and dreams. From today decide to be decisive and stay committed to realizing your dreams.

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Nicholas Guribie
Nicholas Guribie

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