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Powerful features

A very powerful dashboard loaded with features to take charge of your profile, applications, setting job alerts and setting alerts from specific employers and companies. Your journey to the dream job gets shorter with loaded features to allow you search, plan and take charge of the recruitment process and to make a great impression  on potential employers.

With the features you are able to do the following:

  • Track all your applications
  • Follow companies of your choice and be the first to know when they advertise
  • Browse and save jobs for applications
  • Set job alerts and get jobs delivered to your inbox daily or weekly depending on your choice

Job attracting profile

Keep a profile that is sure to do more to attract a job to you than any other single thing could do. Your profile is a 24×7 job attracting tool for you. It is guaranteed to keep your phone buzzing with employers seeking your services with attractive offers. Your profile is a surefire instrument that should not be underestimated.

Hundreds of employers are browsing our website and combing our database for the best possible suitable candidates. You could be the next person sought by your dream employer tha will shoot up my career and put you on the road to success, happiness and satisfaction.

At Ghana we highly recommend that keep an up to date profile and continually update it with the latest information to keep employers interested. Simply put information on you education, work experience and accomplishments


Get alerted on job offers in Ghana

Get the latest job alerts from employers that will be sent to your inbox, phone and whatsapp on a daily or weekly basis. The job alert system is based on the settings you choose for particular job characteristics. In the dashboard you can easily set alerts my selecting alert and stating your job preferences, industry, location, salary expectation and contract type.


What a job alert will do for you:

  • Filter and deliver to you jobs that interest you.
  • Constant flow of interesting job offers that suit you interest

Your job search is made easy at DailyWorkery and we strive to make your skills get hired for you and your family

Get recruited by the most lucrative and best employers via our online profile system or jobs posted.

Diverse recruitment channels

Two streams of recruitment are available to you. All of which are effective.

Take charge of your applications

Manage applications in one place often with a few clicks. Get updated on application status

Quality job information

With periodic information delivered to you, opportunies will abound for your job search.

Results guaranteed job search

Our system is guaranteed to provide you with a job. Just stick with it.

We are trusted in Ghana by more than employers and businesses

Our vision is a Ghana where every young man or woman seeking to work will have the right information
and knowledge to access employment and advance in career.

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