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Report all fraud by email to fraud@dailyworkery.com

It is relatively safe on our website and our website cannot be compromised however using the internet can make you fall into the wrongs and for that matter be aware of the following for your safety:

  1. Never disclose where you live to anyone online
  2. If invited for an interview make sure you inform more than three persons and ideally go with another person.
  3. Never part with money for any employer with the promise to find you a job or some preliminary paymnet to be accepted. Report all such request for money immediately to fraud@dailyworkery.com
  4. Never disclose your passwords to anybody.

Yes, you can pay for all our services by mobile money on all mobile platforms in Ghana-MTN, Airtel/Tigo and Vodafone. It is realtime, enter your number allow cash out and approve payment. It is all easy and it is all online no need to visit any vendor if you account has money.

We are open Mondays through to Saturdays from 8am to 8pm

You can reach as by phone o r email

Phone: 0552751959

Email: contact@dailyworkery.com

A resume package allows an employer or anybody view the profiles of the listed candidates on our website. You can get access to the following resume packages:

Free Resume Package

Starter Resume Package

Starter plus Resume Package

Captain Resume Package

Masters Resume Package

General Resume Package

Admiral Resume Package

Supreme Resume Package



In order to view the full profile of candidates you need a resume package that entitles you to view a certain number of profiles and CVs.

You can purchase packages in your dashboard or our online shop.. In order to buy a package in the dashboard, go to the dashboard and click on packages or go to shop and select one of the job posting packages. You can explore job posting packages below.

Free Package

New job

Featured job

Renew job post

Simple Package

Simple Plus Package

Advanced Package

Premium Package

In order to post a job you need a package or new job product. You can buy a package in your dashboard or you get it from our online shop. In the dashboard select add package to buy a package by mobile money or with your Visa or MasterCard.


You can get a package to apply for jobs as a candidate either in your dashboard or by going to the online shop.. Or you can buy a package by clicking any of the links below:

Apply Job Free Package

Apply Job Value Package

Apply Job Package Advanced

Apply Job Package Supreme

You need apply jobs package to apply for the jobs that are advertised on our website. Without a package you can’t apply for a job. See FAQ on where to get apply jobs package to purchase one.

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