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    How to develop your profile to attract best jobs in Ghana!

    Currently, you can find several web services that allow for job seekers to enlist into searchable resume databases. It is an opportunity that professionals and job seekers take advantage of and often it is free or less costly.Currently, there are…
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    6 types of interview questions and techniques explained

    You have applied for that job and you get shortlisted and are asked to come in for an assessment. Today we will be exploring the different types on job assessments that you will face and how to tackle them. Generally,…
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    What is the difference between CV and Resume?

    Just yesterday I was asked what is the difference between a CV and a resume? The two terms have been used loosely and interchangeably that they are taken to mean the same thing by many people however there is a…
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    Employer Insights

    Career Development: Theory (and applications)

    Career development: Theory I don’t know what your expectations may have been in life, but you certainly did have some hopes of an excellent and rewarding career.Unfortunately, in Ghana as in most developing countries, careers are not always chosen and…
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    10 free websites for employers to post jobs in Ghana

    When it comes to the word free, everyone is on the look out for it. In the recruitment and employment field, where in Ghana can you post jobs for free. I am going to be listing several websites that allow…
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    Common pitfalls of Job Descriptions ( With questionnaire guide to write it excellently!)

    So, you are about to hire, and you are scratching your head on how to write a job description that attracts and accurately portrays your opening. Job description writing pitfalls are common and many small business owners and HR Managers…
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    Online Earning Insights

    14 ways to make money online in Africa (Ghana)

    Are you looking to make extra income or to have more freedom in your life whiles earning online in Africa (Ghana)? There are 14 definitive ways to make money online in Africa (Ghana) that are within your reach. Of these…
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    In pursuit of your dreams: The power of decision making

    “Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” – Napoleon Bonaparte The world does not lack millions of dreams, hopes, aspirations and ambitions however 99.9% are never realized. Merely wishing and dreaming, everyone can…
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    In pursuit of your dreams: The of power of vision

    Without execution, ‘vision’ is just another word for hallucination.Mark V. HurdIn the previous publication in pursuit of your dreams, we treated the power of decision. But really decisions can’t be made in vacuum and have as an anchor the power…
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    vibrant male youth health worker
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    Halimatu Sadia

    Seeking for job
    A physics graduate and my service as a clinical engineer.…
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    Electrical Maintenance Technician
    Application for employment as Electrical Technician in your company
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    Mechanical Engineer
    Hard working Experienced Team work Work under pressure
    View Resume


    Job Seeker
    Am Evelyn a young lady who resides in dawhenya and…
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    Nana Yaw Asamoah

    I am HND holder and needs a job
    I am a hardworking professional seeking an opportunity to succeed…
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    job search and internship
    I am Franck GOZOU Bi, In MBA at wisconsin International…
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